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Raymond Felton will start Saturday, Jason Kidd may rest.

Welcome back, Ray! Please be okay, Jason!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Good news and bad news, y'all, because you can never have just the former. The good news: Raymond Felton did all the practicin' and scrimmagin' today and he's ready to go. He will start at point guard tomorrow against the 76ers, provided today's post-practice tests go as expected. Excellent.

The bad news: Jason Kidd's back is acting up-- he's had intermittent issues with spasms/soreness this season-- and it sounds like he needed extra attention today and might not be available tomorrow. That's probably gonna continue to be a thing that needs treatment and rest from time to time, and my guess is that it's been bugging Kidd recently, but there simply haven't been opportunities to sit with Felton out. I just hope it's nothing new or worse than before.

In related news, Mike Woodson made the rare decision to reveal his likely starting lineup well in advance: He plans to start Felton, Iman Shumpert, James White, Carmelo Anthony, and Tyson Chandler in Philly. It's unclear whether that's an "assuming Kidd's out" lineup or an "even if Kidd's in because he's not feeling great" lineup or "an even if Kidd were in and totally healthy" starting lineup. We'll see. There's some tinkering to be done with Felton back since the healthy bodies around him are different from when he left. It'll take some patience. Sure would be nice if everyone could just get totally healthy at the same time so Woodson could establish a solid working rotation.