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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hawks- 1/27/13

The Knicks return home to face the Hawks


Hey kids! Hope you've had a pleasant Sunday. Sorry it's been quiet here. I've got a long drive to knock out before Knicks-Hawks tip-off, so I'm writing this game thread up beforehand and auto-posting in case I hit traffic or get sidetracked by I-90 sirens or whatever.

24 hours after getting trampled in Philadelphia, the mostly healthy Knicks will finish their back-to-back with a game against the Hawks in New York. The Hawks are not unlike the Knicks-- a top-tier Eastern team that's run into some injuries and crappy play in the new year. They've won three straight, though, while the know, haven't done that. This is the first meeting of the year between the two teams.

Anyway, here's your thread. Here's Peachtree Hoops, a most excellent Hawks blog. Please don't post large photos, .gifs, or links to illegal streams in the thread. Please undo the horrors of Saturday night, Knicks. Now's not the time for another slump.