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Monday Plumbeous Ibises


Dario Niz

Good evening, friends. The Knicks are off tonight and tomorrow, which is good since there's a little spinal soreness among the ranks. While they rest, we link.

- My brother emailed me saying I needed to do more ibises, so here's an ibis. I like the word "plumbeous"-- dull gray like lead (Pb)-- a lot.

- Not sure if this is subscription-only, but Newsday put together a visual representation of Amar'e Stoudemire's injury history.

- On a brighter Amar'e front, Jim Cavan and Howard Megdal each did a little analysis on what we've all noticed: Amar'e's been playing like himself after a very shaky start.

- Jonathan Fishner, as he does, aptly summarizes the Knicks' weird week.

- Via the excellent Ed Kupfer, New York's defensive rebounding numbers are way up recently and their offensive rebounding isn't among the very worst anymore.

- Just like some of us today, Jared Zwerling wonders if the Knicks might be interested in calling up Henry Sims while Marcus Camby and Rasheed Wallace recover. I'd love that, but: 1. Someone would have to get cut. 2. I just don't see Woodson entrusting a 22 year-old (non-Shump division) with minutes. He loves his vets too much.

- Yes. I look forward to more catch-and-shoot Carmelo Anthony in the presence of Raymond Felton.

- One of the prizes to be won in this contest is a beauuuutiful Knicks print.

- This stat comes from only a certain sample of games (those in arenas with optical tracking), but still...damn. And that's with a recent slump off the catch.

That's it! What are y'all eating for dinner?