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The Knicks have vans.

You know, those vans.

We've got good and interesting things to talk about today, but we must open this morning with this incredibly important bit from James White's mostly-silly interview about his teammates with Jared Zwerling:

Coolest car: "A lot of the guys have those vans."

...vans? Which vans?

They have the vans with all that stuff in it.

Oh, the stuff vans. How do you feel about the vans with the stuff?

"I like those because they make the most sense in the city."

Good point. And what about this "stuff"?

"They have drivers with the vans, and they put their family in it, and they've got TVs and everything in it. They have big like 50-inch TVs in the van. I haven't been in all of them. I've been in Melo's. Melo has a nice white van. STAT has a brand new black one."

Other important notes: Tyson Chandler either pees or poops before every game (UPDATE: POOPS AND PROBABLY SCREAMS AND BEATS HIS CHEST WHILE HE DOES IT) , we'll never know which. Steve Novak "dresses like Bill Gates or somebody", but he's not as bad a dresser as Chris Copeland, and that's even accounting for the fact that Cope has to wear footie pajamas and toddler backpacks half the time.

Vans, though. Seriously, what's James talking about? What kind of vans are these guys traveling in?