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Practice Reports: Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler probable for Wednesday, Steve Novak dunked

A Steve Novak dunk ends everything.


The first and most important bit of news coming from today's practice regards the availability of Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd for Wednesday's game against the Magic. Neither player practiced today-- Kidd has a sore back, Chandler a sore neck-- and this morning, Alan Hahn reported Kidd's status as questionable and Chandler's as probable for Wednesday. After practice, Mike Woodson deemed both players probable. Do what you will with that information (like, for instance, assume Chandler and Kidd are both comatose. That's a thing you might do).

Oh, and don't expect Rasheed Wallace or Marcus Camby back anytime soon, even though Woodson reportedly suggested at some point that Sheed could practice this week.

Finally, practice might still be going on right now if Steve Novak didn't end it. Witness (from MSG's "special and exclusive point of view", which is a pretty lame point of view half the time):

I don't think Hahn's exaggerating. Woodson looked like he was in the middle of running stuff, but just called the whole thing once Novak dropped the hammer. This right here is why I want so very badly to see Steve dunk in a game. I'm convinced the refs would do exactly what Woodson did and just call the game. What is there to do after Steve Novak dunks? On the list of the 4,934,549,233,232,660,001,992,754 possible events that could occur on a basketball court, Steve Novak dunking is at the very bottom. It is the end-all.

Update: One more thing...

Woody spent time working w/J.R. Smith & Iman Shumpert on penetrating/finishing at rim after practice. He'd like to see both run more P & R.