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Thursday Least Grebes


Good day! We've got a P&T meet-up and a game against the Spurs coming in a few hours. First, some links.

- Grebes are nice little water-dwelling birds, similar in appearance to ducks or small geese, though they may actually be most closely related to flamingos. Least grebes are, as you might imagine, the littlest of the bunch. Littler than the little grebe, even.

- Final reminder.

- Amar'e and Alexis Stoudemire are having a fourth child!

- I find little meaning in the stuff Amar'e said to irritate some people.

- Like a lot of us have suggested, the Knicks feel they're missing a lot with Rasheed Wallace out. Didn't really expect that.

- J.R. Smith's having a great Twitter day.

- I get what Henry Abbott's saying, but I think this boils down to Synergy catching a relatively small sample of defensive plays in which Steve Novak is actually involved.

- Some perspective.

- Jared Zwerling does a great job of detailing how the Knick offense changes/suffers without Raymond Felton.

- ...and on that note...

- A Shump reel.

That's all for now! Quick pre-game stuff, including a few more links, will follow shortly.