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Pre-Game: Knicks vs. Spurs- 1/3/13

The Knicks and Spurs meet tonight at 7:30.


The Knicks and Spurs play tonight. It's the New York-based rematch of a game the Knicks came back to win back in November. Even if the Spurs rest their starters some (and there's been some talk of that), I'm not counting on New York to pull that off again. The things New York did to say in that game (threes out of Melo doubles, a solid game from Raymond Felton) have been absent of late, though I guess they're still capable of big fourth quarter comebacks. Anyway, I expect a tough outing and-- if New York's defense against Tony Parker and San Antonio shooters performs like I imagine it will-- fear Mike Woodson's first three-game regular season losing streak as head coach.

Some pre-game links since that wasn't much of a preview:

- There are murmurs of Marcus Camby starting over Kurt Thomas tonight. I support said murmurs.

- Tyson Chandler says his ankle was bothering him against Portland (and it showed), but that he's feeling better now.

- No change in the status of Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire. Melo's expected to start and play his usual minutes even after experiencing some pain toward the end of the Portland game and Amar'e will come off the bench and play limited minutes.

- J.R. Wilco of Pounding Rock and I have been exchanging emails about the Knicks and Spurs for almost a month. You can read some of that back-and-forth here. I send really snotty emails when I'm having a bad day.

- Our friend netw3rk (who will probably be at the meet-up tonight) did a preview with the guys at 48 Minutes of Hell.

That's what's up! I'll see some of y'all tonight!

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