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Final Score: Knicks 113, Magic 97

Win streak!


Okay! I was really hoping for the Knicks to blow the Magic out tonight. It'd been a while. It took them a good 15-20 minutes of hideous defense to get going, but they eventually took over and won big. For all the awful (but improving defense), New York's ball movement and shooting continued to look sharp. Carmelo Anthony set a new Knicks record with his 30th straight 20-point game, Tyson Chandler FINALLY got a whole bunch of touches and finishes inside, Raymond Felton shot well early and tossed plenty of assists out of pick-and-roll, Amar'e Stoudemire came off the bench for perfect 7-7 shooting, Pablo Prigioni continued to drain his threes, and even Steve Novak woke up in the final minutes.

The defense was genuinely scary for a little while there, but the offense did what it should against a bad Orlando defense. 'Twas a nice, pleasant, relaxing finish. Recap later.