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Thursday Banded Broadbills


JJ Harrison

Good afternoon! No basketball today. Yes links today.

- Nothing much special I can find about the banded broadbill. It's just a charming South Asian friend and I like that photo. Here's a video.

- In case there was still any doubt: Jason Kidd will more than likely return tomorrow, reforming the three-guard starting lineup.

- J.R. Smith bouncin' down a bouncy slide.

- Chris Herring continues his roll with an investigation of a bizarre phenomenon we've been curious about since training camp: Why do the Knicks keep hurting their left parts?

- Tyson Chandler's big offensive game last night wasn't random. Mike Woodson called Tyson into his office (I imagine this exchanges went down a lot like getting called to the principal in elementary school: All his teammates went "OHHHHHH".) and commanded him to be more aggressive. Marc Berman suggests Woodson felt Chandler had grown complacent since being named an All-Star, but I don't see a quote anywhere. Still interesting, and whatever message got sent seemed to register.

- Check out how the Knicks compare to other teams in last-five-minutes-of-the-fourth-quarter scoring (summary: well), via the excellent Ed Kupfer.

- An addendum to my Amar'e Stoudemire post from earlier: Taylor Armosino digs into his post game since returning.

- Googly-eyed Ronnie Brewer is the league's worst shooter from the left corner this season. Carmelo Anthony is the most prolific shooter from the right mid-range.

- This is several days old, but I really enjoyed reading "The Existential Crisis of J.R. Smith" at Negative Dunkalectics.

- Also a couple days old, but Vantage Sports did a nice breakdown of how Carmelo Anthony's shot selection has changed.

- Dylan Murphy details something I thought I saw earlier this week: Even when they're cold, the Knicks have been getting pretty nice outside looks since Raymond Felton returned.

- Just gonna leave this here.

Cool! Hope everyone's having a pleasant afternoon. I'm about to watch the Americans pilot and eat some YOGURT.