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Friday Superb Parrots


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Duncan McCaskill

Evening, babies! Sorry it's been quiet here today. Being in a bar with a bunch of you vile beasts made me pretty ill overnight. We've got links, though, including a third-party recap of our gathering of vile beasts.

- Before we get to that, the superb parrot is an Australian Psittacine (parrot) that is, I guess...really great? Kind of a presumptuous title.

- Speaking of superb parrots, our new friend Brandon wrote a nice little piece on our get-together last night for the Off The Dribble blog. Congrats on being multiethnic, guys!

- I'll make a more formal announcement once the thing is actually totally done, but, uh...I and some other Knicks friends wrote a book about last season and it's somehow available for pre-order already.

- Shumpnam Style.

- I loved these Knick responses to J.R. Smith's absurd dunk last night, though nothing was better than the real-time bench explosion.

- This looks brand new and unfamiliar, but claims to have some clarification on Steve Novak's actual defensive contributions (which, I'd say, check out with our observations. Right?).

- Eeeeeenteresting. I always assume Mike Woodson just eviscerates his guys, but he claims to have given them positive reinforcement before the Spurs game.

- Our friend Beckley wrote about how the Knicks played a little more like themselves last night (Nets, too, but yuck.).

- P&T's prfella pointed out a part of this article I hadn't previously noticed: Amar'e Stoudemire will be hosting a bunch of local kids at the Orlando game. It's been almost a year since his brother, Hazell Stoudemire, died in a car crash, and this is Amar'e's way to pay respects/honor his hometown community.

- In terms of dunk quality irrespective of context, I'd say only 6 and 8 contend.

Them's the links! Have a pleasant evening, you beer-flushed smokers. Feel free to use this as a thread for your evening basketball watchings/whale pettings. <3