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Monday Red-Billed Queleas


Alastair Rae

Good afternoon! We'll get into pre-game stuff for Knicks-Celtics (created by Joe!) in a little while. First, we must link.

- Our friend UK Knick suggested today's bird. I don't usually take requests, but Mr. Knick taught me that red-billed qualeas are believed to be the planet's most abundant bird. They much pretty blanket Africa.

- Carmelo Anthony was Eastern Conference Player of the Week this past week. Cool week, Melo.

- Pretty cool story about how Jay Larranaga-- current Celtics assistant, former BayHawks head coach-- was one of the driving forces behind Chris Copeland getting a shot in the NBA.

- Been sitting for a couple days on this bit from Al Iannazzone about the Knicks arguing about the best linebackers ever after the win on Saturday. Which Knick asked about Deion Sanders?

- Speaking of football, I would not be opposed to Iman Shumpert having a comeback similar to Adrian Peterson's.

- Our friend Jared Dubin wrote up a lovely profile of the Knicks bench after the win over the Spurs.

- Did the NBA Power Rankings again this week. Ranked some stuff.

- I hadn't noticed it recently, but I read in two separate places today that Carmelo Anthony's turnover rate is significantly down this season. One of several cool things about the fine two months he's had.

- (Also from the "places" link, Rob Mahoney makes note of Amar'e Stoudemire's penchant for saying "phenomenal".)

- From a few days ago, this analysis of Amar'e's value (by certain metrics) over the years is worth a look.

- Sad Josh Harrellson lost his job. Sadder he's not allowed to come home to the Knicks until mid-July.

- Finally, SB Nation was kind enough to share some community numbers for 2012. Check 'em out:

Most FanPosts
fuhry 53
wwert 39
bucketsncents 37
chrive 33
China Joe 27
gbaked 20
Paul Chillsap 15
JR99 14
DangerZone 13
the word 12
Most FanShots
Seth 81
wwert 37
chrive 27
eomede07 13
stingy d 13
Simon Says Jets 11
B.Rush 8
Chairman Meow 7
New Newb 7
tkow 6
Most Comments
Tomahawk Stomp 9105
Seth 8230
$100M Contract 7510
GAx 7055
lololol 6177
Russ 5198
BJabs 5087
Lord Smackington 5050
chrive 4849
wwert 4834

Thanks for the contributions, friends. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon!