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Melo, Woodson Comment on Last Night's Meltdown

Follow-up on Melo's battle with Kevin Garnett on Monday night.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The MSG training center was reportedly crawling with reporters today. Of course, hardly anybody but us gave a shit about the real news: Iman Shumpert's glorious return. The main attraction was Carmelo Anthony finally making himself available to media after he blew up at Kevin Garnett last night. Here's all the follow-up from today:


Carmelo on KG said. "There's certain things that you just don't say to ANOTHER man." #KNICKS


More Melo: "I lost my cool yesterday. I accept that. But certain things that push certain people's buttons."


Carmelo on his motivation to find KG after the game: I just wanted to have a 1 on 1 conversation w/him and talk it out like two grown men.


Source says KG and Carmelo had a phone conversation after last night's incident. Says air has been cleared between the two.


Woodson said he & Melo talked abt last night's incident. "He just can't have slippage like that. ... Guys have got to be more professional."


Woodson on whether he expected Melo to be Indiana. "I hope so" he hadn't heard from league.

Here's video of most of the above. That last thing is the only thing I care about at this point. There might be some punishment coming, but hopefully nothing more than a fine. We'll see. Other than that, this is done. Garnett behaved like an asshole, Melo let it get to him, and things got pretty weird, but thankfully stopped short of violence. All's well now, and we can all hopefully move on from this without a suspension.