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Woj: The Knicks are still interested in Kenyon Martin.


Kevin C. Cox

It's Woj season again. Here's today's rumor:

As Rasheed Wallace's foot injury lingers, the New York Knicks are showing a renewed interest in free agent forward Kenyon Martin, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Knicks have done some additional fact-finding on Martin in recent days, sources said.

Martin has been open-minded about the possibility of accepting a 10-day contract to get the opportunity to prove his value to the Knicks, sources said.

Wallace has missed 12 straight games with what the Knicks call a "stress reaction" in his left foot. The uncertainty surrounding Wallace's return has made the Knicks circle back on the possibility of signing Martin, sources said.

Well, I hope Sheed's injury isn't as bad as the Knicks (and we) fear, because I'd rather not be forced to root for Kenyon Martin. Learning to love Jason Kidd has already been an alien enough experience for me. Kenyon Martin: 1. Is Kenyon Martin. 2. Hasn't done good basketball things in a long time.

Just a rumor for now.