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Wednesday African Darters


Susann Eurich

Good day! The Knicks don't have a game tonight. I think they're practicing today, and I'll share any reports from that practice later. For now, we link.

- Darters are like small, sleek versions of pelicans (see this comment). They kinda look like eels with wings. African darters live in, ya know, Africa.

- Someone suggested prizes for our most prolific P&Ters of 2012, and I think that's a great idea. Thankfully, our friends at Tarnation! Sports have given us a few prizes to give away. Tomahawk Stomp (most comments in 2012) and fuhry (most Fanposts in 2012), if you guys email me with your addresses, I'mma send y'all some free Patrick Ewing shirts. Those two were not only the most active at P&T, but impressively witty and intelligent in their contributions. <3

- So, here's this and here's this. Can't wait until this story goes away. (By the way: As far as I can tell, that Honey Nut Cheerios stuff still comes from a single untrustworthy source. The Daily News is pretty gross.)

- The non-guaranteed deals of Chris Copeland and Rasheed Wallace got guaranteed Monday night.

- This gag has not stopped being funny to me.

- Our friend Jamie O'Grady interviewed Alan Hahn, who wrote an excellent book of Knicks history that-- and this is my highest compliment for a non-novel-- makes for great toilet reading.

- Trey Kerby celebrates Dr. Roger Hinds's brilliant wound dressing technique.

- Two nice interviews with the nearly Reshumpified Iman Shumpert.

- This week's Knicks Power Rankings.

- Cool clothes, J.R. Smith!

- Looks like UMass will retire Marcus Camby's jersey in a couple weeks.

That's what I've got for now. More later! Stomp and Fuhry, get in touch with me! The rest of you, tell me what you've got for lunch today! NOW!