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Iman Shumpert's hair fell off

He's day-to-day.

Farewell, hair column.
Farewell, hair column.

Breaking news at this hour: KnicksNow's Jonah Ballow reports that Iman Shumpert's famous high-top fade haircut-- cultivated over the last year and a half or so-- has fallen off:

I see no reports at this point about how the injury occurred. The doric column of fuzz had already been reduced to something shorter and curvier than before, so perhaps there is some degenerative condition involved. Considering how long it took to grow that thing, we can assume that Shumpert will play at least the beginning of this Knicks season with short hair.

How will this affect Shumpert and the Knicks? On one hand, reduced drag should help Shump's transition and attacking game. On the other hand, Shumpert is a career 30% three-point shooter with short hair and around 40% with some version of the hightop, so one worries about his perimeter accuracy this season. The loss of hair also drops Shumpert from around 6'8" to his baseline 6'5", which negatively affects his ability to contest shots and obstruct passing lanes. It's a major, untimely step back for a guy who seemed on the verge of a breakout season, and it remains to be seen how the Knicks will recover. Can Pablo Prigioni grow a Jheri curl by the season opener?

May the Shumptop rest in peace.