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Wednesday Shore Clingfish



Evening, mumps! I have been busy today, but I would be remiss to let you settle down for the evening without having seen some Knicks links.

- Shore Clingfish, which are weird little squiggly things that adhere onto rocks and just stay there for a while no matter how many waves try to jar them free, are known as "Cornish lumpsuckers" in Great Britain.

- Metta World Peace rolled his ankle at practice today and stopped scrimmaging early. Everyone says he's fine, SO I'M SCARED. (It really sounds like he's fine.)

- Carmelo Anthony speaking somewhat candidly about free agency has been a thing this week. He more or less confirmed the universal assumption that he'd opt out this summer here and here. If he wants to get paid the most he can be paid, he'll opt out. Simple as that. Or he could leave, I guess.

- These are outtakes from that New York Observer Melo piece. Someone explain this one to me, please:

That borough, that’s like another city. Brooklyn is another city. To say Brooklyn really means something. It’s unlike the Bronx or Queens. To say Brooklyn really sticks to the soul. It’s like steak. It’s like raw meat. It sticks to you.

Does steak stick to you/your soul, whether or not it's raw? I'm confused.

- Whether or not Baltimore sticks to you the way Brooklyn and raw meat do, Melo says he'll know 75 PERCENT of the people at the next preseason game in his hometown.

- When Metta World Peace and Andrea Bargnani get on a New York tour bus with a bunch of kids, Metta gets a whole story written about how zany he is and Andrea just kinda hangs out.

- Nice Scott Cacciola piece on Tim Hardaway Jr., trying to strike a balance between fitting in and standing out.

- Jonah Ballow's interview with Ike Diogu, who seems to have as good a shot as anybody at joining the Knicks as an end-of-the-bench big man.

- On that note, Jared Zwerling suggests the big man race is still pretty tight, while adding in that Chris Smith's contract becomes guaranteed if he sticks around past October 29th (i.e. the eve of the regular season, before which the Knicks would make their cuts anyway, right?).

- Another from Zwerling: The Knicks supposedly "like" Jeremy Tyler and Toure' Murry, for whatever that's worth. They can only keep three of the people mentioned in those two tweets.

- Very, very cool Knicks drawing at Double Scribble.

I hope you liked the links. Basketball tomorrow!