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Amar'e Stoudemire is cleared for contact

He hopes to be ready for the season opener.


It was a banged up day at Greenburgh, with Iman Shumpert (still the elbow thing) and Raymond Felton (a new hamstring thing of some sort) skipping the morning scrimmages. Pablo Prigioni did scrimmage through his elbow thing, and there was some other good news, too: Amar'e Stoudemire is cleared for contact. He didn't scrimmage or anything today, but he did do things vaguely resembling competitive basketball, which is a step.

The hope remains that Amar'e will be ready for opening night, but no one's quite sure how realistic that is. Let us consult the local beef writers for thoughts on Amar'e's opening night prospects:

Okay, cool, thanks guys.

A little preseason burn for Amar'e would be nice, but I doubt that's in the cards. He'll just have to work back into form-- and into a comfortable spot in the rotation-- in games that count, whether that's an opening night or later.

Update: Kenyon Martin ain't ready.