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The Knicks are replacing Justin Brownlee with Chris Douglas-Roberts

A new, different training camp invite appears!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Some news out of training camp, from a Knicks press release:

New York Knickerbockers President and General Manager Steve Mills announced today that the team has signed guard Chris Douglas-Roberts. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In addition, forward Justin Brownlee has been waived.

Douglas-Roberts has something in common with a couple other training camp Knicks: He showed promise in early NBA minutes, then fell off and ended up on the fringes of our league. His case is particularly interesting, because it seemed like it wasn't so much poor play as it was poor response to coaching and inconsistent minutes and a very zany Twitter account (long gone, I believe).

I think of CD-R as a two-ish three with an unusual but effective mid-range heavy game, above-average vision and passing ability, and reasonably good defense. He's talented, or at least he's talented based on what I remember from his stints in New Jersey and Milwaukee. At 26, I reckon he'd be on a guaranteed contract right now if he'd done more to please his previous employers.

This'll be an especially tough roster for him to camp, as he's arriving late to a relatively deep group. Still, I figure he's got a better shot than Justin Brownlee did. On that note...

Sorry to hear that, Justin. Best of luck.