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Wednesday Lovely Hatchetfish


Hello cats. Time for links! Please push 1 now for links.

- I don't know what makes Lovely Hatchetfishes so lovely (besides their lovely appearance, of course), but as members of the genus Argyropelecus, they're known for appearing almost invisible to predators. They are both insanely narrow (hence "hatchet") and, in the Lovely species's case, bioluminescent such that the light they appear the same color as the sunlight above them. If you're a predator trying to creep on a Lovely Hatchetfish from below, GOOD FUCKING LUCK.

Okay, we've got stuff specifically from Day 2 of training camp and stuff that's just from the world. First, the camp things:

- Here is Mike Woodson saying things I agree with:

- Woodson definitely isn't naming lineups yet, but he says he'd like to stick with just one this season after trotting out what felt like hundreds last year. Of course, it's not totally up to him, but stability would be good, yes.

- When the reporters entered practice, J.R. Smith was doing some boxing for knee rehab. The closest he's getting to playing actual basketball right now is getting shots up, presumably off flat feet. J.R. supposes he "pissed the NBA gods off" when he elbowed Jason Terry in the Celtics series, which...hard to argue, based on the continuing aftermath.

- Chris Douglas-Roberts was already in uniform today! Great analysis of CD-R's game here, by the way. (If he makes the team, I'm gonna start calling him blank disc).

- Interesting to note that at least one assistant coach from Erie is helping the Knicks (in particular, a Knick who might end up in Erie: C.J. Leslie) at camp. Mike Woodson told reporters the just-cut Justin Brownlee may be an Erie possibility as well.

- Nice video of Andrea Bargnani soaking short-range turn-around jumpers like they're nothing.

- Tyson Chandler is actually well above his pre-illness weight from last season. He provided a non-round number, so you know he's telling the truth.

Non-today things (tomorrow I'll make the camp things their own post. It's too late for this one, though. We've come too far.):

Zach Lowe dreams with us of a potent Bargnani-Melo scoring tandem in his All-Intriguing Team piece.

- Chris Herring imagines Bargnani as a three alongside Melo. I can't imagine him matching up well with smaller, quicker small forwards (shots rarely go in when he contests them, but how often does he contest them?), but like Woodson said up above, "three" and "four" just don't matter. If he plays with Melo, they'll find ways to complement each other on offense and match up as appropriate on defense (and then switch so that one is guarding the point guard and the other is guarding a ref).

- Shared in the comments before, but I enjoyed Scott Cacciola's piece on what Beno Udrih could mean to the Knicks. He seems like a cool fellow and exactly the kind of guy you want coming off your bench.

- Yes, Metta World Peace is zany.

- Toure' Murry's first name is pronounced "Tour-AY", so that answers one question. Perhaps you're asking, "then, if he's gonna have an unnecessary diacritic, shouldn't it be "Touré"?", to which I say "yes, but that's just not how it is".  Good interview, by the way.

- Did you check out all the articles in our Knicks preview? I recommend them!

These have been the links! Eat your whole dinner and you can have dessert.