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Preseason Final Score: Raptors 123, Knicks 120 (2OT)

Just two more of these.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, that was an unusually exciting preseason game! The Raptors made a li'l comeback to push the Knicks to overtime, then the Knicks made a comeback in overtime, then Terrence Ross hit a three to send it to a second overtime, then the Raptors won in the second overtime.

Mostly bench and non-guaranteed Knicks got to spin, and some of them looked quite sharp. Beno Udrih played a lovely game as the only real point guard available, pinching the Toronto defense off the dribble and hitting a pile of pull-up jumpers. Ike Diogu did more of the rebound-snatching and mid-range-jumper-draining we've come to enjoy, though he may have met his match in slimy spaz-bro Tyler Hansbrough. Toure' Murry missed a bunch of shots, but made folks uncomfortable defensively and created useful things off the dribble. Andrea Bargnani had some lovely moments in a yucky performance overall. People played defense for a couple minutes here and there, but mostly they did not.

We'll talk about this more in the morning. For now, enjoy a wonderful moment in history, as captured by our friend netw3rk: