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Tuesday Unicorn Leatherjackets


Richard Ling

G'afternoon. The Knicks just held practice in Canada in preparation for Wednesday's exhibition game in Green Bay against the Bucks. I have some things to share from that, plus some other fine links you might enjoy.

- Thanks to David for recommending filefish, which are laterally flat and rough fishes of the family Monacanthidae. The Unicorn Leatherjacket-- which sounds like a made-up name for a rock star or something-- is one such fish. Annoyingly, its "horn" is less prominent than some other members of the filefish family.

- The big news from today: J.R. Smith, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Kenyon Martin all scrimmaged today, meaning EVERY PLAYER ON THE KNICKS EXCEPT JEREMY TYLER IS MORE OR LESS HEALTHY ENOUGH TO PLAY BASKETBALL! J.R. may even play in the preseason finale on Friday, though Amar'e and Kenyon will probably sit until the games count (at least).

- No word on Tyler's recovery, but it sounds like he's got a roster spot either way.

- Joe was on a podcast! He starts a little after the 48-minute mark.

- And uhhhh J.R.'s got cornrows? Just a few rows, not a whole field?

- Pablo Prigioni asks you to get coffee, makes you wet your pants.

- The Knicks have been teasing those orange jerseys. They are a thing.

- MSG streaming games live online for subscribers may soon be a thing. A wonderful, wonderful thing.

- Nice piece about Carmelo Anthony supposedly taking more of a Communicative Veteran Leader Man role, since the Knicks aren't chock full of grizzled veterans anymore.

- The new scoreboard looks like a scoreboard.

- There's a lot going on in this little Chris Herring article. His suggestion that going bigger with these Knicks might not actually make them rebound better makes sense to me. I do think it may behoove them to concentrate more on offensive rebounding (though not necessarily by playing bigger lineups) if they can't keep the turnover rate as low as they did last year. Unless the defense is gonna get a lot better, they'll need to keep stacking up possessions to make sure their offense can take care of business.

- John Wallace is in a stage show of some sort? About sneakers?

- Uhhhh soooo remember that whole discussion of how the Knicks could cut players but still retain their rights when they're on the BayHawks? Ummmmm wellll, I DO think that BayHawks will have first dibs on three players the Knicks cut, but I've now been informed that the "rights" don't go beyond that. The Knicks do not have *exclusive* rights to anybody who isn't presently under contract with them. There are avenues for cut guys to stay within the organization via the BayHawks, but they can bail if they want unless they're one of the 15. :(

Those are the links! Be well. Watch out for pterodactyls.