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Thursday Wonderpuses


Jenny Huang

G'afternoon, Marvins. Let us link one another. I'll start with some links, then you just link me right back.

- Okay, let's talk about Wonderpuses. I'm going with that as the plural because the Wonderpus was only described a few years ago and there's no definitive answer and I don't like "Wonderpi". The Wonderpus is a nice octopus that lives in the South Pacific. It is commonly mistaken for the mimic octopus, but it is not a mimic octopus. It is a Wonderpus. Its scientific name is Wunderpus photogenicus, which is a most excellent scientific name. Here's a video. Good dog.

- J.R. Smith, Kenyon Martin, and Amar'e Stoudemire didn't scrimmage today, but any of them could play-- play BASKETBALL-- in the preseason finale tomorrow. Raymond Felton may or may not play on his recovering hamstring, but he did practice today.

- J.R. wants his brother to make the roster because he's good enough, not because he's a Smith. And he does think Chris is good enough. He's good at "defense".

- Cuts, incidentally, may come as soon as tonight. At the very least, it sounds like the Knicks will drop a few guys before Friday's game.

- I like that the shooting sleeve is called "the Melo sleeve". I also like that Iman Shumpert's elbow feels okay.

- Likely Knick Jeremy Tyler is "still a ways away" in his recovery from foot surgery, but he didn't wear a boot today, so there's that.

- SB Nation's big-ass NBA season preview is here!

- The blog formerly known as The Basketball Jones, presently known as The Starters, on Metta World Peace being in a movie with Marc Maron and Screech.

- I very much enjoyed the KnicksTape drum circle. Or drum line or something. C.J. Leslie is worth keeping around if only for his perfect sixteenth notes (or whatever those are).

- Quick reminder that the Knicks didn't just shoot a lot of threes last season; they also gave up a LOT of threes. Simply chasing people inside the arc sometimes could improve their defense quite a bit.

- Just release the goddamn orange jerseys already.

- *PRESEASON STATISTICS ALERT FEEL FREE TO DISREGARD*: The Melo-Bargnani frontcourt has continued to put up dogshit numbers during the preseason.


Update: Joe DeLessio put together the best gallery of new Garden images, if you're interested.