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Here is the Knicks' orange alternate uniform in full

It is orange!

Here's the new MSG stuff, too.
Here's the new MSG stuff, too.
Andrew Burton

I mean, we've seen it several times over by now, but here is a clear neck-to-knee photograph of Carmelo Anthony wearing the Knicks' new orange alternate for this season:

I really like it. I'm mostly anti-orange, but I like this shade, I like the way it's accented with the blue and the white (though I think that belt part, as with all the uniforms, could use a stripe or a big-ass buckle or something), and I even like that it appears slightly lighter than the orange in the Knicks' logo (and shooting sleeves).

I haven't seen a FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE email yet about when the Knicks will wear these, but I imagine it'll be a handful of games on national TV, perhaps as soon as that Halloween game against the Bulls. You know, because orange is the color of pumpkins and Halloween is the holiday where the kids all go in a cave to eat pumpkins.

And yeah, you can buy these if that's your thing. John Starks appears to be peddling them in the MSG lobby.

Update: A video.