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The Knicks are making cuts today

They may have already made a few.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks roster has to be cut from 20 to 15 by the time the regular season starts. The Knicks generally get business done on Fridays, and it appears that's the case today. In fact, they may have already made a couple cuts:

...which, yeah, that checks out. Best of luck to both guys if Zwerling's source is accurate. Diogu in particular seems to me like someone who could help this team as a deep-bench rebounder and hustleman. It's not clear yet who WON'T get cut, but the names Al Iannazzone's hearing are pretty much the three names you'd guess at this point, right?

Toure' played great in Summer League and kept it up in preseason, Tyler played great enough in Summer League that he's worth keeping as he recovers from foot surgery, and...then there's Chris Smith. His signing is seeming more and more probable. I'll save that rant until the actual news arrives. It'd be a small thing, but still pretty aggravating. We'll see what happens in the lead-up to tonight's preseason finale.

This thread will update with rumors. I'll put up a new thread if anything becomes official today.


So THAT's interesting.