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Toure' Murry, Cole Aldrich, and Chris Smith are Knicks.

That's 15.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the news:

My dog is in need of some urgent attention, but quckly:

1. Jeremy Tyler was considered the one shoe-in all along, so his cut is surprising. Not sure whether that means the rumors were false, the foot surgery recovery isn't going well, or Chris Smith's just that great.

2. I'm happy to see Murry and Aldrich aboard. Murry seems like too promising a talent to pass up and Aldrich showed off good rebounding and footwork in preseason. No hands, but pretty good feet and quite a lot of height. I liked Ike Diogu better, but I think Aldrich provides good depth up front. He, unfortunately, is the only depth the Knicks added up front.

3. So, yeah, Chris Smith. I'd have loved to have been in that meeting. "Well, I think we should keep Chris because of his defense." "Yeah, his DEFENSE is quite good." "We could use a player who plays DEFENSE." "YEAH." "YEAH."

On one hand, this isn't a big deal at all. If the Knicks feel they need production from that 15th spot, they can cut Smith, send him off with his guaranteed money, and find someone else. They could very well cut him right after the season starts, though they can't necessarily count on someone like Tyler to come right back. And if they were counting on that, then...well, that seems illegal.

On the other hand, that's gross, Knicks. Is pleasing CAA worth keeping arguably the worst player in the NBA on your roster when someone with talent could have had that contract? Is J.R. Smith really worth two roster spots? Do you think that appeasing one agency maybe makes you look like huge suckers to the rest of the league? Does any party that requires appeasement really deserve your business? A move like this, however small, looks awful to the rest of the league and suggests a priority other than winning.

So, there's that. That was going to be a longer rant, but I gotta run. You get the picture. This is a small thing, but there have been plenty of other small things. This organization is creepy as hell. Welcome, new Knicks.


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