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Sunday Torpedos


Roberto Pillon

Happy Sunday, trick-or-treaters. I made you a tasty link casserole. I've been sitting on some of these for a few days, but they're still good. Should be warm.

- Today I learned the underwater missile commonly known as a torpedo is named after Torpedo, a genus of electric rays that sneak up on other fishes, shock them into submission, and eat them. That name, in turn, comes from the Latin torpedo ("numb"). The common species-- Torpedo torpedo-- lives in the Mediterranean and east Atlantic and hunts by night.

Our friend netw3rk wrote a lovely thing about appreciating J.R. Smith's zaniness while understanding he might benefit from a little less zaniness.

- On that note, here's Carmelo Anthony talking about that "heart-to-heart" conversation he had with J.R.

- 1. This is an excellent interview Jonah Ballow did with Pablo Prigioni. 2. "I feel like I'm an small coach inside of the court into the team."

- Tom Ziller made a "Green Triangle" of efficient shot types, then graphed out which teams best used those efficient shots.

- Beno Udrih holding up his Knicks jersey with his son and the president of Slovenia?

- Interesting little thing: Idan Ravin-- renowned personal trainer who counts Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith among his clients-- was hired as a "player development coach".

- I would pay 4 United States dollars to listen to this conversation.

- Lotta smart and friendly people contributed to this giant Knicks vs. Nets Times thing. I picked the Knicks.

- Mike Woodson:

"I'll experiment with it, but I've got options this year, guys," Woodson said. "I mean, I can always go small with Melo at the 4, with small teams. And throw Bargnani in there when we [play] big teams.

"Again, it's not a matter of who starts. It's what you do with the minutes that you're in there, and that's kind of the message I'm sending everybody on this team. You've got to give productive minutes when you're on the floor if you want to play."

Have a good'un!