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Tuesday Dwarf Seahorses


Evenin'. Around this time tomorrow we will be preparing for a real Knicks game. For now, here are some links for you to read. Feel free to use the comment section as a thread for tonight's games, too.

- Dwarf seahorses and their tiny little flippers are the slowest-swimming fish in the sea. They're content to just grab onto stuff with their tails and hang out. No other place to be, really.

- Okay, I'm fine with the Chris Smith signing. (Via Charlie Widdoes.)

- On that note, here are two good things about that signing: netw3rk explaining the conspiracy theories around it and Jonathan Topaz (on the brand new Knickerblogger!) showing that the Knicks have a bit of a track record of doing small, dumb things like that one.

- Marc Berman reports the Knicks are trying to get Jeremy Tyler's D-League rights moved from Santa Cruz to Erie so they can develop him themselves (without actually owning his NBA rights). I'm not sure quite how such things work, but there's that.

- Frank Isola reports Marky Wark Warkentien could be headed for a promotion. He's savvy, he's experienced, and he's a CAA bro!

- Among other things, we lost a famous Knicks fan this weekend.

- This has already been passed around some, but here's Will Leitch on the Knicks and Nets pushing each other toward mutual destruction.

- Podcasts! Dan Devine and netw3rk on the Steven Lebron podcast and Chris Herring on The Knicks Wall podcast.

- Our friend Jonathan Fishner interviewed Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak in a season preview of sorts.

- Okay.

- A weird cyber/meta version of the Knicks' starting shooting guard battle.

- Included in Tom Ziller's look back at the years since "The Decision": a summary of the Knicks' path since getting spurned by LeBron James.

- More Metta World News! Spooky!

- A fun Sporcle that gave me a lot of trouble: Can you name all the Knicks' opening night starters since 1990?

- Amar'e Stoudemire deliverin' tickets.

- In closing:

Cool. Have a good night.