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Thursday Knicks Training Camp Links: Shump's shoulder, the starters, and more

Shumpert sat, and the starters are up in the air. Still.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hello! The Knicks kept doing training camp today. Here are some things from that.

- Iman Shumpert wasn't even in uniform because of a sore right shoulder, a "tweak" from Wednesday's practice. He didn't get an MRI and says it's just a minor thing. RIP. Knees are fine, though!

- The headline of that article above is disingenuous, but Mike Woodson did indeed say today that his only guaranteed starters are Raymond Felton, Carmelo Anthony, and Tyson Chandler, and that J.R. Smith is in the running for one of those other spots (after he recovers and serves his suspension, I guess). I believe Woodson's still working on his lineup and could be through preseason. The J.R. response could have been a mere "everyone's being considered. Yes, everyone includes J.R." kinda thing.

- HAHN SULIAZ: Some words with Tyson Chandler about the "edgier" and less entitled feel of this year's team heading into training camp, and some more words about that Chandler mid-range J everyone's going on about. I'll believe that's a thing when it becomes a thing in a real game. It didn't become a thing last time.

- Great KnicksNow things, as always: Jonah's Beno Udrih interview and...well, my computer's acting up but check out all today's videos.

- I hope this continues:

That's how the Knicks day was. How was your day?