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Final Score: Knicks 90, Bucks 83


Al Bello

That's a win! We'll count it! After a first half of frenzied, turnover-exploding defense and wild fast-break offense, the Knicks flipped on their backs like stupid defenseless turtles throughout the second half, committing so, so many turnovers of their own. Thankfully, after the Bucks turned a 25-point deficit into a GODDAMN LEAD, the Knicks found themselves again. A final two minutes of diving on the floor and contesting shots got the Knicks transition possessions the other way. That led to so much Tyson Chandler smashing and a win that wasn't in doubt by the final minute or so.

I will recap in the morning, but some things to consider: 3-13 from downtown. TWENTY-TWO turnovers after just eight in the first half. A 19/10 double-double for Carmelo Anthony on 7-16 shooting. 3-9 and 1-4 outings for Andrea Bargnani and Beno Udrih, respectively, plus some serious plus-minus ugliness if you're into that. There was plenty to love and plenty to despise.

The Knicks are still the Knicks, but they are also the 1-0 UNDEFEATED NBA CHAMPION FAVORITE NEW YORK KNICKS YEAHHHHHH