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Knicks-Bulls Pre-Game: Orange jerseys, Rose questionable, Bargnani starting


Jonathan Daniel

Hey there. They're making the Knicks play another game tonight. I know, right? I figured after last night, the NBA bosses would be like "okay, the Knicks are clearly the champions. Let's give them the champions trophy.", but nope, they have to play again just 24 hours later. They're making them play a good team that stomped the shit outta them last season, too. It's the Bulls. It's in Chicago. It could get ugly if the Knicks crumble like they did against Milwaukee Wednesday night. Here are some things you might like to know:

- TNT, 8 PM, orange jerseys. The Knicks are dressing up as Halloween for Halloween.

- Mike Woodson told reporters last night that he'd go "bigger" and play Andrea Bargnani more against Chicago. Those seem like separate plans in everything but the most literal sense, but we'll see. Woodson won't speak to reporters again for a little while, so we know nothing yet.

- It sounded last night like Raymond Felton would be ready to go despite feeling a twinge in his hamstring against the Bucks. Felton also gave a great quote when asked if he'd need help defending Derrick Rose (after Nate Wolters got way too much going last night):

"He puts his clothes on just like I put mine on,’’ Felton said. "I’m looking forward to the game. I‘m not handicapped. I don’t need no help.’’

Okay, first of all, part of me actually doubts Rose and Felton put their clothes on the same way. I picture Rose laying different outfits out on his bed, trying each on in a mirror, then grading his appearance on a complicated rubric. Felton just piles his clothes on the floor, dives into the heap, rolls around, and emerges clothed. But we get it. He's a defiant man and we love him for it. Oh, but also this:

But he acknowledged Shumpert will see action on Rose.

"I’m pretty sure he’ll be on him too,’’ Felton said. "[Shumpert] is a big, physical guard, 6-3. Definitely going to use him as well.’’

So yeah, there will be help. Also, Iman is taller than that, I'm pretty sure.

- But yo, Rose might not even play? He's a game-time decision because of a sore neck because of all the THROWING UP he did out of terror of being guarded by Felton. For what it's worth, Rose didn't make it sound like a game-time decision at all. He's gonna play.

- I guess it's Amar'e Night, right? Because Kenyon Martin played last night? But Kenyon only played five minutes, so...?

- Here's a spooky Blog A Bull preview.

I will update this post if there are ups to date. Game thread'll be up at ohhhhh, I dunno, 7 something.