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Friday Splendid Toadfish


Happy Friday, Bullwinkles. Here are some links from Friday's training camp practice and from around the internet. You can look at them!

- I don't know much about Splendid Toadfish, nor is there all that much to know, but Arkive did a tweet about them the other day and I was immediately enamored. Here's a video. It's like a flat, weird, fishy dogman.

- The Knicks finally scrimmaged today! It was sort of a motley group, though, because Iman Shumpert sat out again with his sore shoulder and Tyson Chandler stayed out and shot jumpers because that's His Thing now. He and Kenyon Martin are both skipping out on these scrimmages for "preservation" purposes, which is weird but fine.

- Mike Woodson, for the record, is an advocate of Chandler adding the odd short jumper into his offensive repertoire.

- Chandler, for the record, is as grumpy about as his playoff performance as we were/are

- Shump could scrimmage tomorrow, and Chandler and Martin may at some point as well.

- Woodson wants his team to play top-ten defense! So do I!

- Some of Woody's quotes today led reporters to believe he'll favor bigs over littles with those last three roster spots.

- Chris Douglas-Roberts, Porky-Piggin' it.

- The struggles with Metta World Peace's name continue.

- Cool.

- Pitchers!

Those are the Friday camp things. A few more:

- Shump was one of several folks interviewed for this piece on ACL injuries.

- Jonah Ballow, J.R. Smith, and Cole Aldrich debating whether or not Aldrich got dunked on by Andrew Wiggins.

- Nice piece on C.J. Leslie, who seems like he *should* be an NBA player, but needs to show that he's savvy and committed enough.

- LInk of the day: Mike Breen invited nearly all the other play-by-play guys in New York out to dinner, which must have been amazing.

- Jim...

- From an email I just got:

NBA players will join Disney XD in "giving pranks" throughout November as Disney XD returns the hit programming event "Pranksgiving," beginning MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 -- with new episodes available earlier each week to verified WATCH Disney XD users. A specially drafted NBA pranking crew -- Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks), Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets) and DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) -- get in the pranking game with the comedic and unpredictable puppet Crash (of the sitcom "Crash & Bernstein") and together, they pull fun and over-the-top tricks on Disney XD's biggest stars.  Each Monday, a new fan-voted prank will be revealed on Disney XD along with new prank-themed episodes including Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets) guest starring in the new comedy series "Mighty Med."


That's all! <3