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Metta World Peace's favorite meal is beans

His favorite movie is Titanic.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Either late tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll post some links and quotes and stuff from the weekend's training camp practices. For now, I highly recommend Steve Serby's Sunday Q&A with Metta World Peace. I always love Serby's interviews, and this might be my favorite yet. There's plenty of Metta silliness-- both genuine and contrived-- but Serby asks him some personal and incisive questions, and Metta gives him really interesting answers:

Q: Did winning a championship with the Lakers make you hungrier to win a second ring?

A: I always wanted to win multiple rings, but when you’re dysfunctional, you don’t have no advantages.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Like when your head is not in the game. I had a period of time for a couple of years where my head wasn’t in the game. And when you are out of the game mentally, you lose out on championships.

Q: Is that a regret?

A: No, it’s not a regret. It’s just reality.

Q: What made you dysfunctional?

A: Your parents separated, your environment’s dysfunctional … not a strong household … survival-of-the-fittest-type of environments. And it causes a child to be dysfunctional. Your child can’t focus on life itself, which is supposed to be pure and beautiful … fun.

I highly recommend reading the whole thing. He's a fascinating guy, that Metta.

Also, beans.