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Tuesday Knicks Training Camp Updates

One day 'til preseason!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Don't freak out, but Knicks training camp is pretty much over. Preseason starts TOMORROW with a game against the Celtics in Providence. A few links 'n' things from the day that was:

- First, some highlights from Monday's practice.

- A lot of the talkin' today was about Amar'e Stoudemire, and the tenor varied quite a bit. Following the revelation that Amar'e wouldn't even travel for the first three preseason games, Carmelo Anthony got as forthright about Amar'e's inconsistent health as I've ever seen from him:

Nothing to that, really. Just interesting. On the other hand, there was a simultaneous burst of Amar'e positvity. Jared Zwerling posted this video of Amar'e practicing, which isn't exactly thrilling, but he's moving around at a pretty normal halfcourt pace, so that's nice. And then Amar'e himself burst into the media workroom (not typically the place for interviews) and answered questions rather optimistically:

More here and here. So, that's cool. I'm sure the Knicks aren't counting on Amar'e to return any time soon, but I'm happy he's feeling phenomenal. He sounded so unphenomenal at the beginning of camp.

Finally, the latest chapter in the Mike Woodson starting lineup mystery:


Oh. Oh well, we'll see how the preseason goes. 24 HOURS.