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Preseason Game Thread: Knicks at Celtics- 10/9/13



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BASKETBALL. There is a basketball game tonight. It doesn't count in the standings, but it counts for that itch you've been unable to scratch for the last five months. The Knicks' preseason opener against the Celtics tips off at 7:30 in Providence, RI. We already heard New York's starting lineup: Raymond Felton, Pablo Prigioni, Andrea Bargnani, Carmelo Anthony, and Tyson Chandler. That's an interesting group, but probably not the starting five on opening night. Everyone but the injured/resting bros (Amar'e Stoudemire, J.R. Smith, Jeremy Tyler, and Kenyon Martin) should be available. Expect to see more of the non-guaranteed camp invites than the starters. Here's who the Celtics will send out:

You remember the Celtics, right? They were that team the Knicks eliminated from the playoffs last season. They look...different now.

This right here is a game thread. This may be your first game thread, or just your first game thread in a while. In a game thread, you MAY and are encouraged to comment as much as you please along with the game's action. You MAY NOT post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams. (Tonight's game is on MSG and NBA TV, incidentally).

Later, there will be a post-game thread. You can post GIFs there. A recap will follow, probably in the morning. In general, you can expect the post-game schedule to be a bit different this season. Joe and I are going to split up the recaps, and we may add in a new/different sort of post-game analysis as well. We'll use the preseason to get a feel for that stuff. We're just like the Knicks!

Anyway, tip-off's at 7:30. Enjoy and be kind to one another! Remember, it's preseason. More about the players and the lineups than the game itself. It does not matter who wins as long as the Knicks win.