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Preseason Final Score: Knicks 103, Celtics 102

Basketball's back! And the Knicks won a game that didn't count!

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Man, I missed basketball. That was a lot of fun. And hey, the Knicks did some winning after letting the Celtics make a huge comeback! I will post some longer notes tomorrow, but I was pleased with a lot of what I saw this evening. In particular: Iman Shumpert looked impossibly polished on offense, Tim Hardaway Jr. looked composed and comfortable in an off-ball role, Andrea Bargnani demonstrated a nice two-man game with Carmelo Anthony (plus a mighty pump fake), Cole Aldrich showed some persistence and footwork (if not handwork) and the rest of the guys looked happy, healthy, and fit.

And hey, it shouldn't have been so close, but how about Hardaway drilling the game-winning baseline jumper in the final seconds? That was a cool thing that happened!

I'll expand on all of that tomorrow. For now, comment away as you please. It feels great to have everyone back with something to actually watch together.