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The Knicks will also wear those awful sleeved Christmas jerseys

In case you thought they'd avoid the epidemic...

Hey, babies. A thread with some pre-game updates will be up in a little whiel (tip is at noon). For now, here is the answer to the question "Hey, I saw a bunch of these awful Christmas jerseys, and I know the Knicks are playing on Christmas, so are they going to get an awful Christmas jersey, too?" YES!

NBA jerseys didn't look enough like baby clothes already, so they're going for the full pajama look. I really wish I could have sat in on the meeting in which people decided sleeves should be the new wave in NBA uniforms. Someone wrote that idea on a white board and everyone nodded in affirmation. They may have even applauded! Real adults who get paid to make decisions like these! It fascinates me.

So, there's that. I have a subway ride to take, then your pre-game stuff will be up with a few minutes to spare. The Knicks will not be wearing toddler pajamas today, thankfully.