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Monday Velvet Whalefishes


Good day! Did you have a good weekend? Of course you did. The Knicks didn't play at all. It was quiet. Some links:

- 1. WEIRD. 2. It's called "velvet" because the skin is "velvety to the touch". WHO TOUCHED THAT? 3. "When males make the transition to adults, they develop a massive liver, and then their jaws fuse shut. They no longer eat, but continue to metabolise the energy stored in their liver."

- Mike Kurylo sees Andrea Bargnani's lack of passing and overall divisiveness as far too similar to...oh man, don't say Eddy Curry. He said Eddy Curry.

- Joe wrote something great about the Knicks' utter lack of an identity right now. What is to be made by this coach of this roster?

- James Dolan is already killin' it this season. Really on top of his meddlesome, unlikeable man-baby game.

- Interesting looks at how the Spurs totally ruined New York's offense with well-planned doubles of Carmelo Anthony. Says something about the Knicks' spacing, too (don't worry about those Melo quotes. Or do, if you like. That's just not what I'm linking for.)

- If you missed pre-game yesterday, you missed J.R. Smith bringing back the see-through wall dance, which was WAY better than anything he or anyone else did during the game. Miss u, Bibby Walks.

- Dan Devine wrote thoughtfully about J.R.'s return here.

More to come! I hope you're having a fine day. It's is a new day, this day. The Knicks are just 2-4. It's just 2-4. It's just 2-4. It's just 2-4. nuhhhhhh