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Now Frank Isola is actually reporting an Iman Shumpert-for-Kenneth Faried rumor

It's a real rumor now.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I fear the Knicks will trade Iman Shumpert eventually, because there are rumors that James Dolan doesn't like him and...well, that's enough to frighten me at this point. I did not, however, take anything from this Frank Isola line:

A more plausible scenario is moving Shumpert for Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried, especially when you factor in the health of Amar’e Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin. Plus, the Knicks believe they have insurance in the backcourt with rookie Tim Hardaway Jr.

Isola saying something is "more plausible" than trading for Rajon Rondo means nothing, yet that was the genesis of the "FARIED FOR SHUMPERT!?!?!" rumors floating around this past week. This is different:

Now Isola's citing sources and saying stuff like "continue to discuss" as if he ever established they were discussing it in the first place (if he did and I missed, it feel free to tell me). Here's the full report:

Talks between the Knicks and Nuggets centered around a deal that would send Iman Shumpert to Denver for forward Kenneth Faried have intensified in recent days, the Daily News has learned.

According to a league source, no deal is imminent, although the struggling Knicks feel they need to make a move to bolster their banged-up front court.

So that's out there for real now. I don't like it, but it's out there.

Update: Marc Stein both confirms and diffuses these particular rumors a bit:

The New York Knicks continue to engage in trade talks with the Denver Nuggets on a potential Iman Shumpert-for-Kenneth Faried trade, according to sources close to the process.

But sources told that multiple teams have approached the Knicks with interest in Shumpert and said New York remains undecided about whether to trade its coveted perimeter defensive specialist.

Stein also says the Nuggets are looking for "draft compensation", which...uh, how does a 2018 pick sound, guys?




Moving on!