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Final Score: Knicks 95, Hawks 91


Kevin C. Cox

Hey, the Knicks won! It wasn't the most straightforward win, but they won! It started with a wonderful first half. No interior or transition D, but enough ball movement and three-point shooting from J.R. Smith and company that it didn't matter. Then the Knicks blew all of a double-digit lead in the third quarter by doubling down on their awful defense and playing audience as Carmelo Anthony took nearly a dozen awful, awful contested shots. And then the surprise! A little boost from the bench and a big jolt from the starting lineup took them home. Melo heated up, Bargnani got super active, and even li'l Raymond Felton turned his night around to lead the late offensive charge.

Terrible defense on Teague, a terrible third quarter...and yet, a win! It was really nice to see look how we know they can look for whole parts of a game. Nicer to wash away some of that Spurs game stench with a solid road win. Recap later/in the morning!