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Final Score: Hawks 110, Knicks 90


Maddie Meyer

Man, fuck this shit.

I'll put some notes up tomorrow, but I have hardly anything new to tell you. Here's what Mike Woodson gave us this evening: Metta World Peace sat for reasons we don't entirely understand. The Knicks switched and went under screens without any effort to recover, leaving not just Jeff Teague, but Shelvin Mack(!), to get loose and dominate out of every pick-and-roll. J.R. Smith played deep into the fourth quarter despite shooting 3-18. A visibly rattled Iman Shumpert rimmed out shaky jumpers until he found a spark late in the game. A front line of Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Andrea Bargnani gave up 10 points on four crucial fourth-quarter possessions before Woodson pulled the plug. A young guard and center with the potential to help on defense stayed stuck to the bench, as they've been all season.

Woodson's team is a mess, and their destructive tendencies are too predictable at this point for me to even get angry. Either the offense puts together explosive outlier of a performance (and Melo and Bargnani did their darnedest. So did J.R., I guess.) or the Knicks lose. That's it.

Rough night, though. Rough, rough night. Soothe me, Pablo: