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Monday Post-Practice Updates: Metta out, lineup changes possible, Chris Smith to Erie

The Knicks' next game is Tuesday in Detroit.

Kevin C. Cox

The Knicks practiced today, since they are a still a sports team that plays basketball sometimes, and we got a few bits of news out of practice:

1. The most recent news announced by New York is that Chris Smith has been assigned to the Erie BayHawks. This matters little, unless you really loved watching Li'l Nepotiz wear clothes and give high fives. He still occupies a roster spot, he'll just be in Erie instead of New York. (Yo, what if J.R. suddenly starts playing really well in his brother's absence? What if the WHOLE TEAM starts playing a lot better? What if Chris is a horcrux?).

2. The lineup change Frank Isola predicted as a directive from management may indeed come to pass:

Isola had Kenyon Martin starting and Iman Shumpert sitting. Woodson hasn't gotten that specific (or official) yet, but that sounds about right. If the change does happen, it will be the 14th starting lineup the Knicks have used in ten games. Don't do that math.

3. Metta World Peace is out for Tuesday's game in Detroit following the death of his sister, may she rest in peace. Metta was already doubtful for the game with that sore left knee (yes, the one that Daniel Artest briefly suggest wasn't actually injured), but now he's officially out.

4. Raymond Felton didn't practice today. Tyson Chandler's brace is off, or at least it was off when reporters saw him.

5. When I pronounce "Detroit" in my head, I say "De-TWAH". It pleases me.

I hope you're having a pleasant afternoon and that your lunch was both delicious and fulfilling.