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Monday Mummichogs


Brian Gratwicke

Hey guys! No game tonight, but I do have some links. I have divided them into three categories for your convenience.

Category 1: Fish

- Mummichogs are so hardy they can survive in the goddamn HACKENSACK RIVER.

Category 2: Current, and therefore kinda depressing, analysis of the Knicks

- Beckley Mason on how the Knicks' defense still sucks, but the offense isn't around to rescue it.

- Alan Hahn points out the Knicks are weirdly terrible at corner threes.

- Tom Ziller's just mean. A mean man.

Category 3: Fun things, mostly from J.R. Smith's Instagram

- A fan sent J.R. $60 in cash!

- J.R. captured Melo sleepin' and making a great face in an old photo at the White House back in the day.

- The NBA's gonna make sure the Knicks don't wear orange jerseys when the opposition is wearing a similar color again. Can they just make them stop wearing those jerseys?

- RYAN AND JAYLAH FOREVER. This-- on the worst-dressed Knicks-- is some of their best and hardest-hitting work.

Feel free to use this as a thread for the evening's games. Have a good one!