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Updates from Saturday's Knicks practice: "Big" lineups live, Amar'e out Sunday

The Knicks practiced and spoke to reporters Saturday before Sunday's game against Minnesota.

Jonathan Daniel

Hey friends. It's a quiet Saturday for us, but here are a few things from today's practice. The Knicks play the Timberwolves (who wrecked the Thunder Friday night) on Sunday at 7:30.

1. Looks like we'll keep seeing Andrea Bargnani in the starting lineup, at least sometimes:

I don't see the point of changing lineups to match the other team, but whatever. I see that Woodson's experimenting. I hope either the experiment works or Woody will figure out when it's time to reject his hypothesis and move on (also, where's the "bigger"/"smaller" line?).

2. Some guys rested or skipped scrimmages today. Normal stuff, from the sound of things:

3. Tomorrow is a Kenyon Day, if that's still a thing. Mike Woodson's already violated his plan to alternate Kenyon Martin and Amar'e Stoudemire. Anyway, Amar'e won't play and Martin presumably will:

4. Cool:

Can that point be appended to the end of the Knicks-Bulls game?

Hope you're having a peaceful Saturday. Feel free to comment along with tonight's games here. <3