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Final Score: Pacers 103, Knicks 96 (OT)


Bruce Bennett

I just got home. Thanks to our friend Bernard King's Game Face for taking me to what ended up being a very exciting, very deflating game. The Knicks defended like human adults for a while there, taking personal responsibility for assignments and quickly ironing out any folds in their coverage. Carmelo Anthony had a tough time scoring, but fought hard on the glass to get his points while J.R. Smith and Beno Udrih (in a real breakout game) chipped in from the perimeter.

But a double-digit lead turned into a single-digit lead, which turned into a tight game down the stretch. The Knicks seemed to have it wrapped up with a stop and two big Melo free throws until Iman Shumpert grazed Paul George's elbow at the worst possible moment to give away three free throws and send the game into overtime, at which point the Knicks just collapsed. George is so aggravatingly good. I hate him with all my heart.

I like it when the Knicks defend. I like it when they actually stir up some energy on their home court. I am tired of moral victories. Notes in the morning.