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Thursday Sailfin Sculpins


Yeah I gots links for ya. Yeah I do. Here:

- Is it okay if sometimes my fish choice amounts to "I dunno this is a really weird-looking fish"? That's how I feel about the sailfin sculpin, which lives on the Pacific Coast and moves like this.

- Chris Herring's column on Carmelo Anthony trying to do everything for these struggling Knicks.

- Jared Dubin spotted the Knicks successfully running J.R. Smith through a set Steve Novak used to occupy last night. Jared's smart.

- Two things here: 1. Amar'e Stoudemire could be playing bigger minutes when he plays. 2. The Knicks say Iman Shumpert's scoping wasn't revealed because of his HIPAA request. And the surgery was really nothing.

- Mike Woodson went on the radio. Surprise! He kinda piled on Iman Shumpert and talked up J.R. Smith.

- Meanwhile, J.R. appears to be stuck in his garage? Or he's saying stuff that's over my head. Be well, J.R.

- Andrew Lynch's grand plan to fix the Knicks, which pretty much amounts to "stop being the Knicks".

- Interesting bit in Jared Zwerling's exploration of that our-bad-contract-for-your-worse-contracts trade idea with Boston: Mike Woodson is apparently a big Kris Humphries fan.

- Plaaaaaayyyy Pablooooooooooo

- Netw3rk's Knicks 30 For 30 ideas.

- Didn't realize Jeremy Tyler's been rehabbing at the Knicks practice facility.

- Necessary adjustment to the bad Amar'e defense screencap from the other night.

- Yeah, Ken Berger's talking about John Calipari coaching the Knicks again. It's plausible, because of CAA and all that, but not even a rumor. It's just an idea Ken Berger really likes.

- Smart conversation here about how and if the Knicks (relative to other teams struggling in this regard) could improve defensively. Obviously, Tyson Chandler having an unbroken leg would help.

- And yeah, that defense is really not good.

- Those fucking corner threes, man. It's bizarre.

Have a lovely evening. Eat good dinners. I'm trying to get a burrito.