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Final Score: Wizards 98, Knicks 89

Same old story.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You know the deal. The Knicks can't defend a pick-and-roll, and they let a team's best shooters shake free with ease. John Wall and Marcin Gorat killed the New York with fairly basic exchanges while Bradley Beal and Martell Webster torched them from outside. It looked so easy.

New York actually shot okay this time and limited turnovers, but they missed too many free throws and...well, only an extreme offensive performance would have outpaced the gaping hole of suck on the other end.

It's funny, having just watched the Knicks defend the Pacers pretty well, to see them revert so predictably to awfulness against an inferior but more dangerously specialized Washington team. Worse though the Wizards may be, they've got the attacking guards Indiana lacks, and they made that New York D look far shittier than it did on Wednesday.

With that in mind, the schedule ahead looks...unpleasant. Notes in the morning.