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Pre-Game: Knicks at Blazers- 11/25/13

Still no Ray Felton, it seems.

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Evenin', friends. The Knicks start a little West Coast swing with a 10:00 tip tonight in Portland. Since the game thread won't be up for a while, here's a little pre-game stuff for the interim. Feel free to comment on the early games here, too. Some things:

- I haven't seen confirmation that it's definitely so, but it sounds like Raymond Felton will be out again with the hip issue. This is of particular import because the Knicks are playing in Portland and Blazers fans haaaaaaate Raymond Felton. We're missing out on a lot of booing.

- Both Amar'e Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin are available tonight even though both played on Saturday. Amar'e could see relatively big minutes again.

- Mo Williams is suspended for Portland, so there's one less guard to torch the Knicks' pick-and-roll D. Now if we could just get Damian Lillard suspended...

Other stuff:

- This piece on Chris Smith's first game as a BayHawk is a nice companion to Paul Chillsap's excellent recap.

- There is a Derrick Williams rumor out there, but it doesn't really seem like anything.

That's pretty much what's up. Hang out here for a while, and I'll have a game thread up right before tip. <3