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Final Score: Blazers 102, Knicks 91

Six straight.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

I dunno, that game had a few things going for it. Kenyon Martin played a terrific offensive game. Carmelo Anthony worked really hard and got hot for stretches, too. Andrea Bargnani and Beno Udrih shot well enough. Really, the offense was decent enough, even though it leaned too heavily on mid-range stuff. The defense was just so impossibly bad that it didn't matter and things didn't turn until the Knicks finally started making some effort at that end. And they did, for a bit. There was that time they chipped the lead down to 7, only to have the Blazers blow it back up to 14 in a matter of seconds. The part with the 7 was cool, though.

I'm really just sifting through the shit for good things at this point. I'll include those in my notes tomorrow. It's just so obvious from the opening tip of each of these games that the Knicks aren't going to keep up. They suck.