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Tuesday Post-Practice Notes: Woodson said bad words, Felton probably back Wednesday

The Knicks play the Clippers Wednesday night.


Hey! The Knicks have a game against the Clippers in Los Angeles on Wednesday, so they held practice in Los Angeles today. A couple of them also went on the radio. Here are some things they said.

After Iman Shumpert's terrible Monday game and Mike Woodson's continued and focused critiques of Shump, Woodson seemed to snap about the constant questions regarding their relationship:

This leads us to a game of "How Do New York Beat Reporters Censor The Word Bullshit?". No two are alike! Iannazzone went with some bizarre dollar-sign stuff, but only omitted two letters, which is EDGY. Berman came out with "bullbleep," which is a new and awkward one. Isola just went with dashes. Anyway.

Well, maybe because your bosses are trying to trade him, but fair enough. Oh, and:

And here's the kind of stuff Shump was saying before they stopped him:


Oh, and regarding Woodson maybe having "lost the locker room" or whatever, here's Raymond Felton on the radio:

(Woodson doesn't think so either. He's just lost Felton and Tyson Chandler.)

So there's all that. In more direct things-that-will-happen-in-the-basketball-game news, Felton sounds ready to return tomorrow night versus Chris Paul and the Clippers:

I hope he's actually ready. Healthy Ray could help the Knicks, at least on offense. Unhealthy Ray doesn't do them much good against a team that looks like too much for them to handle either way.

I imagine we won't get a final word on Felton until tomorrow. Remember that this'll be another laaaaaate tip. For now, feel free to use this thread for tonight's games and/or pictures of lizards.