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Final Score: Nuggets 97, Knicks 95


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Guess what, the Knicks couldn't defend Ty Lawson or Nate Robinson off the dribble and couldn't space the floor enough or hit enough open shots when they did space the floor to overcome the bad defense. Sorry, I should have let you "guess what", because you would have guessed exactly that. And that just about did i-- SHYAMALAN!!!!! The Knicks actually used a mix of great plays, broken-but-successful plays, and strokes of luck to take this game down to a final possession down two, only to watch Carmelo Anthony isolate against Randy Foye for 10 seconds and get his predictable turnaround J swatted at the buzzer.

They actually fucking got me. I feel like such a sucker. I was sitting here all like "yeah right, Knicks", "nice try, Knicks", "can't fool me, Knicks" and then they got me in that final minute or two. I cared. I got my hopes up. And now I hurt and I HATE YOU, KNICKS YOU SADISTIC BASTARDS.

Recap tomorrow, sweet babies. Have a nice night.